Tuesday, June 30, 2015

New version 3.4

In this release I have fixed some issues with various icon packs - now most of the available icon packs should work fine.

You can find the light version here and the full version here.


  1. I have used your program for several years and love it. I have a problem though. I finally upgraded my LG Optimus V to a new Samsung Galaxy Prime Core. Before getting the new phone I backed up all my CircleLaunchers onto my memory card. However, I cannot seem to access the files. Is there a way I get them so I do not have to reset all TEN of them back up from scratch?

    1. Please check first if you have copied the files in the correct folder. You can find the current backup folder at the bottom of the 'About' dialog in the settings. If the older backups are still not visible in the list, you can also try to force a reload with: 'MORE SETTINGS' -> 'More ...' -> 'Reload backup files'.