Known Problems

  • the missing widgets after the update is a known issue with the current TouchWizard from Samsung:
  • are the widgets missing in the widget section - please restart the device
  • if the inner circle not dimmed, please try to disable 'Instant Dimming' in the settings
  • if you have some problems with the download, please check this link:
  • some icons in the screenshots are from 'CircleLauncher IconPack One', 'Minimal UI', 'Glasklart Go Nova Apex Theme', 'Circles Theme', 'Motif' and 'Rain' - the clock is 'lockscreen watch'
  • if an app updates the app icon, but the CircleLauncher still use the old icon, you can update the AppCache manually in the settings 'MORE SETTINGS' > 'More…' > 'AppCache refresh'